SoundJobber is a WAV (and hopefully soon FLAC and/or MP3) file editor written in C#. I started this as a personal project to compensate for some missing or difficult-to-use functionality in Reaper. Basic editing functions such as trimming empty space and normalizing volume are supported. In addition to editing a single file, a goal of SoundJobber is to apply similar edits to multiple files simultaneously (though SoundJobber is not intended to be a multitrack workstation). For example, selecting Multiple > Trim > End allows the selection of multiple files to have dead space trimmed off of the end with one command.

SoundJobber supports 8, 16 and 24-bit WAV files and (theoretically) any sample rate. Wave peaks are created and stored in Reaper's .reapeaks format. Currently only the waveOut API is supported for playback.

I make no guarantees or warranties whatsoever regarding the functioning of this software. SoundJobber is still in its development stages and may be unstable.

Download the Windows binary


8/26/09 - Added selection, copy and paste functionality