BoJ MIDI Channel Sequencer Tutorial

The BoJ MIDI Channel Sequencer is an effects plugin for Reaper (a terrific digital audio workstation developed by Cockos). It has the ability to modify the channel of a MIDI signal based on a user-defined sequence. The impetus for development of this plugin was a need to incorporate samples into live performances by my 3-piece band Blackout Jack. With a single electronic drum, our drummer can trigger various samples to fit in with the song we're playing. An example setup, which is demonstrated in this brief tutorial, incorporates a drumtrigger effect routed through the BoJ MIDI Channel Sequencer and into a bank of ReaSamplOmatic5000's. (The drumtrigger and ReaSamplOmatic5000 are included in the standard installation of Reaper.)

The BoJ MIDI Channel Sequencer can be downloaded from MIDI Channel Sequencer. To install it, simply place the file in the /Effects/MIDI folder underneath your Reaper installation (probably C:\Program Files\REAPER\Effects\MIDI\ in Windows). For a pointless graphical enhancement, you can also download the image here and place it in the same folder.

Basic Setup

Advanced Functionality